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Frequently asked questions
Kontakt-based instruments

Part 1: If you intend to buy a Samplemodeling instrument

Product purchase

I´m interested in your products. Where and how can I buy them?

We sell our products per download only (for “boxed products” see below). Please enter the product BUY page, read the information and follow the appropriate links to the transaction pages. For further information see below.

Can I buy a boxed (physical) product?

This you may easily get for free. smiley The first thing you should do after downloading our software is making a backup copy on a DVD. This backup copy will provide invaluable rescue in case of computer wreck (or change). It will also represent your physical product. To complete this physical product, we provide professionally designed Inlay Card(s) and DVD-label(s) as pdf/jpg, downloadable from our website.

The Inlay Card is designed for the standard DVD box you can buy round the corner for a few cents.

If you do not have a printer capable of CD-printing, or you still prefer that a “physical product” will be delivered to your home, you may check the “CD backup” option. This is supplied for a small fee (12,5 Euro + VAT, if applicable). A professionally printed, individually manufactured DVD will be delivered (in a simple paper envelope) to any country. Shipment may require, depending on the country, 1 – 3 weeks though.

How can I find a local dealer selling Samplemodeling instruments?

There are no local dealers selling our instruments. They can only be purchased via direct download from our website with the only exception of Japan and China. Please consider that buying from any other sources is illegal, and will be legally pursued.

I never purchased a download-only product; how do I pay and receive the products? Is it safe?

After completing the online transaction (see below), you will be forwarded to a page containing all necessary links to our product(s): PC and Mac installer files, as well as to the Player software. Following those links you can download the files (usually as ZIP archives). Furthermore, your Serial (License) Number (one per product) will be displayed. This is your personal key for the proper product activation. All the above links and keys will be also sent to your e-mail address (please type it carefully; misspelled addresses will not work!)
The online transaction is perfectly safe. Should you, for any reasons, be unable to download the files, you would get your money back. This, however, never happened so far – see below.

What if I cannot download the files?

ShareIt/MyCommerce – our shop and transaction provider - runs many servers all over the world, so the links are always working. Should you or your internet provider have temporary problems – see below.

How many times can I download the files? How long are the links valid?

The links you can view after the transaction, and receive via e-mail, are valid for 1 month. During this period the download can be carried out several times if necessary.
If you prefer, you can select and purchase the Extended Download option; the links will then remain valid for 2 years.

Will I complete the purchase of the product just by clicking on the link?

No, by clicking on the link you will simply (and safely) enter the transaction page. The ultimate purchase is clearly announced and cannot be completed before entering all the necessary data and accepting the Terms and Conditions. The final acceptance of the payment comes usually at the end of the second transaction page.

Can I pay from my computer at work, and have the download from my home?

Yes. After ordering a product and completing the payment (see above) the purchaser receives an e-mail containing the download links, sent by our transaction provider ShareIt. It´s entirely up to you when and where you download the instrument(s) – it can be done later (within 1 month) from any other computer.

However, please do not forget to copy the content of the received e-mails and keep them in a safe place, since they contain also the license numbers, absolutely necessary for the product activation.

What is “Kontakt” or “Kontakt Player”?

Our instruments are designed and programmed on an existing, advanced platform, licensed by Native Instruments, a company based in Berlin. Kontakt – either in the full version or as the free, read-only Kontakt Player downloadable with our products – is the host for our software and acts as a stand-alone application, or as a plug-in in all possible standards. For that reason Native Instruments provides also the technical support, copy protection, and registration data base for our customers.

Do you grant any educational discounts?

Our prices are calculated at the lowest limit. They are equal for everybody – we do not have any special prices for certain user groups.

Is there any demo or trial version of the instruments?

There is no trial or demo version. This is due to several technical reasons including copy protection mechanisms.

However, we did our best to show the instruments in a lot of demonstrations - many of them done by the customers shortly after buying the instrument(s) (see our demo page and the forum). Moreover, we show the instruments also under extreme "pure" conditions: solo, with no reverb, and without influencing the sound by any means. The downloadable example MIDI files (see the Download page) shows in every detail how some of the demo tracks are programmed. This transparent approach proved to be perfectly suitable, providing more than sufficient information for potential buyers.

Can I buy other bundles than those showed on the Buy page?

The way our instruments are bundled or left as a single instrument has two reasons:
- "historical"; i.e. when they have been developed and added to our program, and
- technical; the encoding, done by Native Instruments, and licensing of the copy protection and the Player software dictate the bundling.

This means: we cannot group or separate the instruments as we like; any extra bundle would lead to higher licenses, thus to a higher retail price.


What payment types are available?

The most convenient is a credit card. Our transaction provider accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and JCB. Moreover, payments via PayPal or Giropay, as well as prepayments via wire transfer or check are possible. You will find all the available options on the first transaction page. Click there on [Info] for further details.

In which currency can I pay?

The payments can be done in 15 different currencies (see [info] on the ShareIt transaction page). However, if you prefer to pay in US Dollars, British Pounds or any currency other than Euro, please consider that various exchange fees will be applied. For currencies other than USD or GBP, for example, the charge applied by ShareIt can be as much as 9 %. The charges for USD or GBP may still be 3 %. Due to the above fees, and to fluctuations of the currency exchange rates, the prices in USD and GBP indicated on our transaction pages will not reflect the price in Euro, and will be usually higher.
Therefore we strongly recommend paying in Euro, if possible. In this case Share-it will charge you exactly the price indicated in EUR (which has been stable since its introduction, years ago). Any additional charges will depend solely on your bank or credit card provider. Credit card providers, for example, typically charge from 1% to 2% only. Consult your bank or credit card provider for your actual rate. The fee will be in any case much less than 9 % - most likely below 2 %.

How long do I have to wait after payment?

One of the main advantages of the download sales is the immediate delivery of the product at any time of the day. So, once the payment is accepted, it is a matter of minutes till you get the e-mails. Even better: the download links and the License number(s) are also shown in your browser right after the transaction, so there is even no need to wait.
In very rare cases the payment might be subject to some further routine checks, required for example by your own credit card provider. This may lead to a delay of several hours.

I entered the first transaction page and noticed that the total price is much higher than it should be.

Please note that the total price is the sum of several items which you probably do not need or have to pay:
VAT. Please note that the initial price displayed on the order page may include the VAT. Whether you finally have to pay the VAT or not, depends on the country of your residence. Corporate European customers may apply their VAT-ID. The final price to be payed will be displayed on the payment page, before you click on "Buy now" button. Please note that more and more countries and states require the VAT payment. For more information please contact ShareIt, the transaction provider (see our Contact page for details).
Extended Download. This option is a service of our transaction provider (your download links will remain valid 2 years). You may remove this option by clicking on the bin.
CD option. This has been discussed above.

To display the actual price (after changes), click on “Update” button or simply continue the payment procedure.

My English is not very good; can I complete the transaction in another language?

Yes. The purchaser may choose under more that 20 languages. Some languages are accessible directly from our BUY page. The others can be chosen in the right upper corner of the first transaction page at ShareIt.

What is ShareIt?

ShareIt is our shop and transaction provider, managing various payment systems. It is based in Cologne, Germany, and belongs to Digital River – a worldwide acting company with its headquarter in Minneapolis, USA.

Technical aspects

What if I lose all the files?

If you did not backup your data, or the backup is no longer available or does not work, send us an e-mail providing the serial number(s) of the lost instrument(s). We will create new, personal product links for you. Please note that this service requires additional work and server space, so it can be only offered for some, albeit small, fee. To avoid the charge, we strongly recommend to immediately backup the purchased files and serial numbers - for example on a CD/DVD or another drive.

What if I lose my serial (license) number?

After registering (authorizing) the product, your license key (serial number) is managed by Native Instruments in their data base. You can view it either via the Service Center or via your personal account at Native Instruments site. For more details see “I lost my serial number!” in the section 2 “If you already purchased or installed an instrument”.

What is “Service Center”?

Service Center is a small utility which the Kontakt installer installs on your system. It remarkably facilitates the management of the authorizations, downloads and updates of all Kontakt-based instruments.

What is "Kontakt” or "Kontakt Player”?

Kontakt is a software necessary to make our instruments work. There are two versions available:
- Free Kontakt Player version. It´s added to all our products, so no additional software is needed;
- Kontakt – the full version. If you own it already, you do not need to download the player version.
There is no difference between both versions as far as the functionality of our instruments is concerned.

I own already the Kontakt software. Which versions do I need for Samplemodeling instruments?

For “historical” reasons The Trumpet and all the saxophones are working on Kontakt 3.5 (recommended) or higher. The Trombone needs Kontakt 4.0.

May I use your instrument(s) on more that one system?

Yes. According to the license agreement you are allowed to install the software on two systems, if both belong to the same user.

What if I buy a new computer? Can I move the software to the new computer?

Moving to another computer is generally possible - provided that it belongs to the same user and uses exactly the same Native Instruments Service Center account. For further details please refer to the question "Can I move the software to a new computer", in Part 2 of "If you already purchased or installed an instrument", under "Administration, downloads, installation.

What are the file sizes I have to download?

The files have approximately the following sizes in MB (PC / Mac; all the files are ZIP archives):

The Trumpet: 310/340
French Horn & Tuba: 280/280
The Trombone: 700/700

The Sax Brothers: 230/600

How much disc space do I need?

Unlike conventional sample libraries which needs gigabytes of pre-recorded samples with fixed articulations, our instruments need much less space on the disk, since it is our technology which makes the samples "alive" and creates various articulations.

The instrument size after installing will be approximately:

Kontakt line:

- Trumpets (without the Kontakt software): 270 MB
- Trombones (without the Kontakt software): 750 MB (due to the slider feature)
- Horns & Tuba (without the Kontakt software): 270 MB

SWAM line:

65 MB per single instrument
(for example, Oboe and English Horn needs 130 MB, The Saxophones: 330 MB etc.)
(PropTools users on Mac must take into account 130 MB per instrument, since one cannot deselect unused AU components)

My studio computer is not connected to the internet. Can I use your instruments?

Yes. The software can be authorized using so called Offline Activation, for which just a USB stick and another computer with internet access is needed. Contact Native Instruments or visit their homepage for further details.

What operating system do I have to use?

The operating system on which our Kontakt-based instruments are running is dictated by the Kontakt/Kontakt Player version. Most recent Kontakt versions support all the current OS: Win7, 8 and 10, both 32 and 64 bit, or Mac OS 10.8 to 10.11.1, 64 bit. Kontakt Player version supplied with our products is running on Mac OS 10.7 - 10.9.

Can I play your instruments on a wind controller? Which one is the best?

Wind and breath controllers are very suitable for our software. To optimize the results, we added the Wind and Breath Controller Mode. Our customers confirm very good responsiveness and very intuitive control of the instruments. Which wind controller is the best is the matter of personal preferences. Mostly used are the WX-series of Yamaha and AKAI´s EWI.

Part 2: If you already purchased or installed an instrument

Download after purchase

The links I received from ShareIt after payment do not work!

If a link seems to be not working, it is most likely truncated. Some e-mail applications split longer links into 2 lines. The result: only the first line remains highlighted (blue) as a link. If you click on it, this (truncated) link will of course not work. The remedy: please identify the link in its whole length (it should end with ".ZIP" or ".RAR", most likely in the next line), copy it (its full length!) and paste into your Browser. Press "Enter". Done!

Software functionality

I properly installed the instrument, but I don’t get any sound out of it.

As explained in the documentation, and on our web page, the dynamics of our instruments are controlled by so-called Continuous Controllers (CC) which are, according to the MIDI standard, either CC11 (Expression), or CC2 (Expression on Wind- or Breath-Controller), or CC7 (Volume). Use of any of the above CCs is absolutely essential to play our instruments. For that reason the instrument displays an error message reminding the user that he has not yet connected a CC11 source. Trying to play without expression control is like trying to play a real wind instrument without blowing into it… or driving a car without the gas pedal smiley.
Simply stated, it will not work!
As soon as you send CC11 (or, 2, or 7) to the instrument, the message will disappear and the instrument will be ready to play. The Saxophones automatically recognize the first expression CC (either 11, 2 or 7) which is connected. The other instruments use by default CC11 (Keyboard Mode) or CC2 (Breath- or Wind-Controller Mode).
Though not recommended, any other CC can be mapped to expression using the remapping menu.

When I change the buffer size to 1024 or more, the instrument behaves differently.

The recommended buffer size is 256 or 512 samples. Due to particular buffer handling in the Kontakt software, buffer size larger than 512 may lead to unwanted side effects.

After mixing my MIDI track, the result sounds distorted.

See “Buffer Size” above. Some hosts (like Logic) may use different buffer size settings for real time playing and bouncing/mixing/freezing. Make sure that the buffer size is set to 256 or 512 samples also for mixing/bouncing.

How many instruments can I open in one Kontakt/Kontakt Player?

Due to some particular properties of the sax engine each saxophone must be loaded in a separate Kontakt instance or it will not work properly. (According to Native Instruments, CPU load and RAM consumption is no longer an issue if using multiple Kontakt instances).
Conversely, the Trumpet and Trombone engine allows more than one instrument to be loaded in a single Kontakt instance. Though slightly better performance has been reported using individual instances of Kontakt for each instrument, either method is appropriate.

Kontakt cannot find the samples
I copied the library to another drive and it stopped working
Mutes are not working

The structure and the location of the library files must not be changed, otherwise the samples or mutes cannot be loaded, or the instrument won´t work.
If you moved the library to another location, go to the tab “Libraries” in the Kontakt browser, click on “Add Library” and navigate to the new location “showing” Kontakt the new library path.
If you change the location of any library file or the Kontakt / Kontakt Player, the instrument won´t work properly as well. In this case try to come back to the previous file structure, or contact Native Instruments support to find out the proper file location, since it varies slightly from instrument to instrument.

Administration, downloads, installations

How can I check for updates/upgrades and how do I get them?

The most convenient way is to open the Service Center – the utility installed along with the Kontakt / Kontakt Player. The Tab “Update” (Content Downloads and Updates -> Show Details) shows the available update files which can be easily downloaded.

I lost my installer files I have downloaded…

We strongly recommend to backup the downloaded installer files anyway, and keep them in a safe place – exactly as if it were a “boxed” product. Should, for some reasons, your files get lost, please check the following:
if you purchased the product not longer than 1 month ago, you can still use your download links you received right after the purchase; multiple downloads are possible;
if you purchased the option “Extended Download”, the links are valid even 2 years.

If the above does not apply to you, please contact us via the contact page.

I lost my serial number! What can I do?

The Serial Number (or “license key”) is your personal key to the downloaded instruments. Fortunately, you cannot “lose” it – it is stored safely in the Service Center, and on the Native Instruments servers. Open the Service Center, go to the tab Overview and click on “Show Details” near the product of your interest. You can view not only your personal Serial Number, but also your System ID and the Activation Key with which your software has been authorized. In case you have no access to the Service Center (system crash etc.), all the serial numbers, IDs and all necessary individual information to your products can be found on your personal account at Native Instruments.
Please go to Support -> My NI Account -> View my registered products and serial numbers (you will be requested to log in).

Can I move the software to a new computer?

Yes. There are basically two scenarios: you want to move to a new computer using the same platform (Mac or PC), or you want to move to the other platform (from PC to Mac, or vice versa).

Moving within Windows or Mac OS:
- deinstall/remove the Samplemodeling software (PC) or use the function “Remove library” from within the Kontakt browser (click on “*” icon under the instrument name);
- restart the PC or Mac and make sure that you successfully removed the software;
- install and register it on the new system using the files you´ve downloaded after the purchase, following the Installation Guide;

The method described below can be also applied:

Moving from PC to Mac or vice versa, or moving within the same platform:
- make sure that you have the right Kontakt version installed on your new computer. You can download the free Kontakt Player version from the Native Instruments site;
- locate the library folder(s) on your “old” computer (for example: “The Trumpet v 1.52”, “The Sax Brothers Library”, “Mr. Sax T”, or “The Trombone”). To easily locate the right file(s), click on the “*” icon in the Kontakt browser, right under the instrument name, near the “i” icon, and choose “open containing folder”;
- copy the above folder(s) to a location of your choice on the new computer (the system partition is not recommended);
- deinstall/remove the Samplemodeling software (PC) or use the function “Remove library” from within the Kontakt browser on the “old” computer (click on “*” icon under the instrument name);
- use the feature “Add Library” in the Kontakt browser to validate the library on the new computer and authorize it via the Service Center. For more details refer to the Kontakt documentation or Installation Guide.

After purchase, I did not get any e-mails from ShareIt

This (extremely rare) case may happen if your internet provider rejects the e-mails as spam. Please contact ShareIt and report the problem, using the contact options below:

Customer Service USA (Language: English)
Phone: +1 952 646-5747 (for calls from outside the U.S.) or +1 800 903-4152 (for calls within the U.S.)
Fax: +1 952 646-4552

Customer Service Europe and other countries
(Languages: German/English/French/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese)
Email: (replace "eng" by "ger" for German, "fre" for French, "spa" for Spanish, "ita" for Italian and "por" for Portuguese)
Phone: +49 221 31088-20
Fax: +49 221 31088-29

How do I get the invoice?

The proper invoice is always attached as a pdf file to the email containing the download links. This email is sent after verification of your payment (usually within a few minutes). For more details - see above ("After purchase, I did not get any e-mails from ShareIt")


Technical Support: why Native Instruments and not Samplemodeling?

Our instruments are based on the Kontakt / Kontakt Player software. Native Instruments is its developer and the licensor. Their customer support takes care of all technical questions related to the installation, authorization/registration, functionality within various hosts/sequencers, MIDI control and all the other Kontakt-related issues.

Can I get technical support by a phone call?

If you wish to contact Native Instruments support by phone, here you will find the phone numbers.

I ordered the backup CD a week ago but still did not get it.

Each ordered CD/DVD will be manufactured individually and mailed (in an ordinary paper envelope) to any place in the world. Although usually it will reach the recipient in about one week, in some countries it may take even up to 20 workdays.

I did not receive any discount announcement.

We are not allowed to send you any newsletters if you did not explicitly agree to receive them.

If you did not receive any, it means that you did not accept the newsletter option while purchasing the instrument. Even so - if you wish to receive them in the future, please let us know.

How can I access the Forum?

Our Forum can be read by any visitor. Posting in the Forum, however, is reserved to our customers. If you are a customer, enter the Forum page and click on Register (which actually means “I wish to apply for registration”). After that, you will receive an e-mail, asking for details. You need to reply to this e-mail, providing the required information. Shortly thereafter your account will be activated, and a confirmation message will be sent to you.

Part 3: Final notes

Please note that our software has been carefully developed and tested in many many different environments. After all, it´s successfully working on thousands of systems. If it does not properly work on yours, please make sure that you:

thoroughly read the Documentation
followed the installation instructions exactly as described in the Documentation
did not make any changes in the file structure of the software (like, for example, moving some files to another drive).
provided the essential MIDI CCs as explained in the Manual.

If you experience any Kontakt-related problems (including software activation issues), please contact the Native Instruments technical support, providing the problem description and details about your system.

If you wish to contact their support by phone, the phone numbers can be found here.

Should your question be very detailed and specific, related to our technology and our unique features, we will willingly help as well. Please contact us using the Contact Page.

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